Further thoughts on Eve and Sage Nichimyo

donna with her last book

donna with her last book

Eve is known for disobedience and motherhood, or charity. Sage Nichimyo is for her seeking spirit and her resolve.

There she was from where her mentor had lived and then been exiled, the metropolis of Kamakura, the seat of the government of their country, Japan. She heard about it from letters that had come back from their exiled leader. The letters were read aloud to those concerned. She heard about the difficulties of being arrested, the failed execution attempt, the confusion of the authorities, the decision to banish the Daishonin, and then the details of conditions of the trip to the destination, the island of Sado, the harsh conditions, and the unconquerable spirit of the exiled who penned extraordinary letters about his state of mind, his conceern for his followers, and his sureness of having fulfilled the predictions of the Lotus Sutra and thus proving his worth and his destiny. “Inexpressible joy,” is his feeling, despite his exile.

This human being, Nichiren Daishonin, who meant so much to her,the mother of Oto,that she decided, “I must go to him.”

She possessed the characteristics of youth, passion and a contemplative mind. She wasn’t afraid of death en route or on return. She wasn’t afraid of discomfort. Nothing and no one could dissuade her from her desire to seek out her mentor, show her devotion, and learn more so that she, too, could develop a solid self of happiness as he had.

Hamlet was indecisive, noting that “movements of great pith and moment in this regard (fear) their currents turn awry and loose the name of action.” The mother of Oto was decisive, determined, fearless and resolved.

She made the journey with her infant daughter and earned the admiration of countless generations.

thoughts on Eve of the Bible and Sage Nichimyo

aloe vera plant in full winter sunlight aloe vera plant in full winter sunlight[/caption

i’ve known about adam and Eve ever since i learned the english language, my mother tongue. Once I knew how to speak I would hear inexplicable sayings, such as “I wouldn’t know her from Eve.”

But should not one know Eve, our mother?t I couldn’t figure it out.

Still, even the puzzelment brought solace because the names were from my very babyhoood,my earliest beginnings:Adam and Eve, the earliest humans with my earliest humanity.

Then the Sage Nichimyo. I leaned about her late in life, and yet i hold her in the same reverence, though she is so unfamiliar to me in terms of years i’ve spent knowing her name.

Trying to Think the Buddha Way

donna in mall mama land

donna in mall mama land  So here we are in the dead of winter trying to figure how to be happy.  History has it that the happiest man to have lived and passed down his recipe for happiness was the enlightened one, shakyamuni.

He said, “At all times I think to myself how can I cause living beings to gain entry to the unsurpassed way and quickly acquire”the body (and brain) of a Buddha?”

So that’s the way to think to become as happy as that guy, “he who endures”, “world honored one.”

Within my circle, I could certainly concentrate on that thought more than i’ve ever done before. I was asking myself that question as i walked through the mountains of snow and it certainly focused my mind on a good problem to ponder.

I wondered what i could do to stop the beheaders, far away from my personal world.  They’re so disturbing.  I thought of writing some words that would give them pause.  I came up with some but they sounded so ineffectual that the whole train of thought  turned into a collapsed house of cards.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and i certainly intend to pick up the Buddha’s question, again and face these difficult questions:  what more could I do to cause living being to gain entry into the unsurpassed way and quickly acquire the body (and thoughts) of a Buddha.

ooh, ooh, i see new movement on donna's rocking chair lap

ooh, ooh, i see new movement on donna’s rocking chair lap  This is a new painting.  No title as of yet.  I like  its rhythmn and bright colors.

So here is the original and a second verson.  It turns out that one will be in the Courthouse Show and probably not its off spring.  The week after next is the hanging and that friday is the showl  It’s getting close.  What will we wear?  Something warm.  Something comfortable.

mother nature's drill sargeant says, C'mon yuh gotta'a move.  you can't stay still in time."

mother nature’s drill sargeant says, C’mon yuh gotta’a move. you can’t stay still in time.”

juried in show info

alligator onegyptian lustreware

alligator onegyptian lustreware

the opening reception and awards ceremony is to be held Sat. March 14, 2015 from 5 to 7 pm.  The show closes April 8, 2015.  Small Works 2015 is the name of the exhibit housed at the Shirt Factory Gallery, 71 Lawrence St.  Suite 120, Glens Falls,NY 12801.

The alligator is my entry.  I look forward to seeing all who can come out that evening and attend the festivities.

new take on image genie of the nine pointed star

genie's bottle explodes  genie revealed

ew genie’s bottle explodes genie revealed

Last week, after studying the framed version of 9-pointed star goddess, my hands itched to do a new version of it.    This is it. George captured it on my lap, in the rocker, with my new camera at which George is so adept.  We don’t know if the new image will accompany its inspiration into t



he salem courthouse show, reception march 6, 2915.  In my opinion, the photo itself can stand on its own as an art work.

juried in

alligator-egyptian-lustreware-001my alligator on egyptian lustreware made it into the Small Works 2015 Show at the Shirt Factory in Glens Falls.  266 pieces came under the gaze of the juror from SUNY Adirondack, Rebecca Pelchar, and she chose 80 for selection.

The opening reception is Sat. March 15,2015 from 5 to 7 PM and the location is 71 Lawrence St. Suite 120, Glens Falls, NY 12801.  hope you can come and enjoy yourselves with me.

DHW Giving directions to a stranger001this is the file whose original eludes all searches. I’ve looked through styrofoam boxes, cardboard boxes, file folders, book shelves, piles of papers, between book pages.  And yet, last week I entered the jpeg file in an on-line juried art show.  George has looked forit in his gallery.  This painting belongs tothe category of “adorable adoables”.  The word adoables comes from a recent saying such as the current, “works for me.”

The less recent saying was, “that’s doable.”  or “that’s do-able”.  I didable 100plus of these and I have fifty or so at my place.  The companion box with the other fifty is missing.

What if I get juried in?  Just now I copied the pen and ink drawing and if it gets juried in, I’ll watercolor it.  I think that’s more kosher than anything else I can think of doing.  If I get around to it, I’ll watercolor it tonight and post it later.

dreams and day dreams

DHW Sleeping Hill Synagogue and Escape Bus small fileKODAK Digital Still Cameraall images are intellect, the composition, tones, colors, and imagination, the view of the artist; even if the subject exists right in front of the eyes.

I always wondered what a day dream looks like and today i decide that my day dreams often look like my pictures.

The left picture is a jazzed up version of a real life incident and the right hand picture illustrates the last words of my night’s last dream:”What is life all about?  Daily waking up and sleeping is a miracle.”

Anti-American Illness Dream

It was an epidemic in my dream.  The country was awash with sufferers.  Anyone who had the anti-American illness had a low-grade fever, headaches, and bad feelings about the land.

My physician-cousin Gene was assigned to the dispensary in cambridge, ny.  he drove by me but told me he didn’t have time to stop to administer the antidote to me and i would have to go to the u.n. to get my dose.

The U.N. finally took me to the unfinished roof where the dispensary located its offices.  The waiting room took up the whole roof and the workmen were just going home from roofing.  The medical staff was still in place, coming out every now and then from behind closed doors to issue a vial of pills to the lucky one who didn’t have towait any more.

Meanwhile, all weapons had to be left aat the door and I watched one creepy man reach into his boot sheathe to divest himself of a wicked-looking dagger and throw it on the roof floor, underneath the open sky, where it skittered to a stop in a pile of weapons.,

Finally, I got my phial and went back to cambridge.  I met my deceased mother and asked her if my cousin Gene had dispensed to her the anti-American illness antidote and she reminded me that she hadn’t been to cambridge in a long time.

She had lived outside the usa for such a long time that she hadn’t contracted the illness.

End of Story.

I got the world on a string

I got the world on a string