thank you to al…

thank you to all who wote to me.   i appreciate your support.  if i manage to post this written part, i’ll next try to post the cover of my first Adorable Adoable booklets.  That will complete my first goal, except for the paypal part of my blog that will let viwers pay more easily than any other way, if they so desire.  Such is what i have heard from my inspiration, maria wulf at  that will happen tomorrow.


I have to go outside because, i must confess, i’ve been indoors too much these last two weeks.  How can i tell?  What tells me i need more outdoor time?  My face: it’s become pasty. Ugh. Barf.  one mustn’t let that happen.  Then what good are riches, if one doesn’t spend time outdoors?  donna, signing off.


  1. Donna, I’ve missed you on your blog. I have given out a few of your cards to some young girls at the Red Cross. They were thrilled to get them! I may need more.

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