Sorry, viewers,…

Sorry, viewers, to disappoint us all.  I’m still testing out the waters.  Once again, i’m fine and dandy but my images got locked up in my picture files.  Have to take more time to get it right all over again.  until then, i’ll try to write a little more on my last blog’s subject of pasty faces from too much inside time and too little outdoors time making a mockery of financial wealth.


pasty faces come from the paste of wheat and flour or corn and cornflower, or any kind of bakers’ flour.  Bakers get up in the middle of the night to get bread ready for morning’s first light.  After a day selling pastries and breads, it’s sleep time.  So a baker never gets outdoors.  or so it was when “pasty face” was first coined.


About 1987, I saw Donald Trump at a book signing in Trummp Towers on 5th. ave. in manhattan.  his suit was very fancy and of the best lightweight wool, but his face looked unhealthy and pasty.  his muscles were all slack.  maybe he looks better today, but when i saw him he was a “pasty face.”  i’ve never forgotten the attitude that his wealth does not at all tell the whole story.

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