More about peace and its underpinnings

this message to village and township public servants was given to a friend of mine involved in this issue of who is and who  is not respoonsible for dogs and the dog warden budget.  I offer its ideas here, since the situation is much more universal than purely local.


a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.


As emotional as the most emotional (about the dog warden issue) among the village trustees is just how emotional the township officials could be.


With that amount of less than level headedness among all the officials: village and townshp; cool, calm and effective decisions might be difficult to come by.


Why is this?


Anytime there’s “us against them,” township vs. village, there’s an air of beliggerance that is not conducive to a meeting of minds.  The meeting of minds is necessary to come to an agreement. Any discussions would have to deal with and appeal to fairness.  Different factions would have different perceptions and hence different opinilons.


We need an agreement.  So we must be willing to  hear out all the sides of the argument that there are people to voice them.


Peace is preferrable to war.  The agreement  we need to broker is an agreement that would keep the dog warden working in both village and township.  It may not be obvious at first glance, buit on considering the situation clearly, we see that this outcome will have to be agreeable to all parties concerned.


In other words, the funding question must be thoroughly and open mindedly discussed.  This means dialog.


Dialogue is very difficult.  Dialog is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Those without almost saintly patience would do better leaving dialog to another.


The agreement that dialog seeks would be a constant competition between hope (“I’ll work harder to try to come up with a more creative solutions.”) and resignation (“We’ll never come to an agreement, we might as well admit it”.).


So let’s gently stretch the boundaries of our thinking and try an approach that leaves room for respectful listening with an open mind.  Banish anger, self righteousness, or even a strident tone in order to benefit the people who elected us as their public servants.

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