choosing a “just right” outfit for a soiree

maria and jon invited us to dinner at their house.  there would be other guests.  i wanted to look just right.

I put on my favorite skirt.  The 4″ wide waist band, like a cumberband floated on my hips.  Fine with me.  prefer hip hanging to waist or shoulder origins of the drape.  But wait!  What’s this?  Too big on me to go witih the blouse i wanted to wear.  take off the outfit.

“You always do that,  You have on a good outfit and then you take it off and put on something else.”

“That’s what we women folk do,”  I agreed.

Then I spotted a wrinkle free, slinky fabric of pants that i like a lot and save.  They have a purple/black print of subtle markings.  “I think i have a black shell to go with it,” I cheered.

I put it on, looked in the mirror.  Oh, no, not again… Yes, too big one me.  “This is how it should go,” I showed george a hand held suddenly created pleat that fit me better.

“No, no, cried George, “It’s fine.”  but i had taken it off, already.

I reached for my old standby black short-waisted cotton tank top and it looked fine to me.  Find, but incomplete.  “This calls for an over shirt,” I mused to myself, and repeated out loud for george’s benefit.

“I know just the thing,”  I warranted, “my pink linen short sleeved button down blouse.  I put it on.

“Just the thing”  George concurred.

And at the home of the katz/wulf team, maria lent me a sweater, black, zippered, warm sweater.  The nights are getting chilly.

I’m reminded of a sharkespeare quote from king lear.  something about, “Thou needest not the barest clothes which barely keep you warm.” 


  1. I so enjoyed this post Donna. I love the word soiree and you just don’t hear or see it used much anymore, which is a shame since it’s a wonderful word. And, you have explained choosing the right outfit perfectly, I can picture myself doing the exact same things.
    — Vicki

  2. This is timeless. Makes me think of the 3way mirror piece you sold at the pig barn show. How we perceive and see ourselves. Our many faces

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