These images, f…

These images, forming a collage, demonstrate transformation.  As an example, “Don’t step on the ant” is a composite of two images from an atlas of history.  The figure on the left is the drawing of the assassin who eradicated Franz Josef of austria and plunged the world into “The War to End all Wars”, WWI.  I transformed him into a character who cares about an ant.  The other two figures were from a photo of male workers in an early 20th. century factory.  They, too, are concerned about the ant and one is a woman.    I’m having a lot of fun with this work.  The only drawback to this endeavor to create aother twenty small images is i have very little time to do them.  Our exhibit premiers in early october and it’s a mad scramble, folk, a mad scramble and not of eggs.  i’m enjoying all this busyiness.

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