I experienced c…

I experienced conflict last night when i spoke up, albeit clumsily, for what i think is right.  Outside our building, on our breezeway, some four or five of us were sitting.  Two among us began to talk about shooting politicians, one, and the other about moslems and how they were all expendable.

My feathers ruffled.  I disparage hateful language.  I said, “We really shouldn’t demonize politicians and moslems.”  I thought that was a fairly neutral statement.  Who’s going to disagree with a mild sentiment like that.  But I was wrong.  The Moslem belittler got all upsetedee saying her speech was protected by the first amendment and she would say anything she wanted to say and if i didn’t like it, if i was offended by her remarks i should go away and not sit with them.  “What about just standing up for what i think is right,”  i asked.

there are better, more personal ways of stating my case that would have been less inflammatory.   like, “I’ve known many moslems and they were good people.  Did you ever meet a moslem?”

But, at any rate, i was surprised at how hatefulled she had been towards me.  That can’t be good for her.  At any time she’s thinking ill of a whole group of people, she’s experiencing ill will in her thoughts that matched up with her heart.  That’s bad feelings one experiences every time one begins talking about others that way.

Pres.ikeda of the sgi-usa.org says it’s a badge of honor to endure persecution for one’s faith.  I also spoke to the site manager and without naming names, i briefly outlined what had transpired and asked her to be aware of that if any one came to spread rumors or lies about me out of spite or hatred.  So now i feel protected and i’ll be more aware of the abuse likely to rain down on my head if i stand up for what i think is justice, or right. 

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