Crowd scene at stewart’s, spring 2012

it takes all kinds to make the world.  Some people are filled with venom, so close to the surface that “one false move and you’re dead.”  What’s the false move that i made?  I said “we shouldn’t demonize politicians or moslems.”  She had been slurring the folk who follow Islam.  More words were exchanged.  Her retorts pushed my buttons and i got juvenile.

The next day she didn’t return my greeting, said she didn’t want to talk to me and didn’t care what i thought.  Again, i descended to a verbal grapple.

After some reflection i decided that the best course for me would be to imagine her smiling and happy and when my mind turned to the contorted hatred that she glued on her face, i would substitute the memory  of her smiling times, and chant for her happiness.

The alternative, to keep remembering her astonishing change of face and revelation of character would be to dwell on something ugly in humanity.  If i’m dwelling on something ugly in humanity, i’m wasting the time and energy better spent on loftier experiences, memories and my own happiness, combined with doing someething for her- praying for her happiness and chanting for it, too..

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