Please take a l…

Please take a look at today’s posted picture by scrolling down and clicking it on, if it doesn’t come up to the screen on its own with a simple scroll down.  It’s a picture of a Saharan rock painting dating from 2000 bce.  Humanity was all over the world at that time, with thriving civilizations in asia, the mediterannean basin, the British islses and the americas.  Other civilizations, such as the cave painting cultures of the solutrean periods of cro mangnons had allready been replaced.  I love this time in history.  I love to speculate about even earlier periods, way back when humanity is almost indistinguishable from now-extinct species of the great apes.

I’m not so well versed as others could be, so correct me if i’m wrong.  I think that the beginnings of humanity are considered just that not because of cranial capacity, nor appearance, nor language which language leaves few, if any, traces, but by the set of teeth found in the fossil record.

Back then i like to think about how humanity lost some of its keen animal perceptions and traded them in for more human traits, such as social organization.  Temple Grandin thinks we evolved along with wolves.  and wolves became dogs and hominids became homo sapiens because of ours and theirs interdependence.

Don’t you think we copied animals all over the place?  When elephants would forage in the tropical forests and eat particular grasses that helped them with digestion problems, don’t you think the hominids would take note and try the same cure for themselves?  Isn’t that the beginning of herbalist doctors? 


  1. Donna,I love these thoughts! Animals as our guides,evolution pitching all species a drift on the turbulent sea of Life,crossing paths,diverging,only to meet once again on the path of existence. Awesome!

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