hi, everyone. …

hi, everyone.  I showed some notebook pages to george yesterday and he voiced hisopinion that these pages are “interesting pages.”  Thanks to george, therefore, i have more images than simple finished paintings or ddrawings to post.

Yesterday was a lot of fun.  Because i’ve been a practicing Jew/Bu for 25 years i decided i’d like to have a gament pin, heavy duty, to mark the anniversary.  an opportuniety suddenly presented itself in the form of my friend, dionondehowa co-director bonnie Hoag.  She’s returning to her 26 year career of making jewelry.  I have a painting, “I think our abnormal one wants to fly” (title compliments of george) that she wants.  She offered to trade jewellry for painting.  Sounds migihty interesting.  She’s having an open house for the week of Oct. 15, and i’d like to go, see what she’s done in the past, and discuss the future of my pin.  Will it be manifested?

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