scroll down, cl…

scroll down, click on “previous post” and you’ll see today’s images.  Two more works of the adorable adoable collection, making 100 to go up for my part of Copper Trout’s Oct. exhibition.  I was telling, yesterday, what a heady experience ’twas to see all those mounted work (that I did) in the office with two gallery owners discussing them with me.  Both owners very dear to me; the male my unofficial husband, George Forss of the ginofor gallery,the female, of the copper trout gallery, my bosum-buddy, my created-as-an-adult family.  They and our dear Katz/Wulf husband and wife team have all been so supportive, encouraging, loveable, that i feel myself maturing as i go about my days, basking in the light and warmth of their positive influences.

They’re truly “friends in the orchid garden,” as the asian saying translates.  It means their sterling character scents their surroundings with the goodness of an orchid garden.


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