merck forest outing


relaxation and yoga:  after forty years of yoga, i’m learning that brute stregth, pushing my musclels to stretch more, is not what improves one’s practice.  It’s relaxing those muscles to let gravity do its work and help stretch farther.  Relaxing into poses.

relaxation and gonygo( nichiren buddhism’s morning and evening prayers):  doing gonygo by relaxing into it.  I, due to extreme tiredness, had to take the session slowly or not do it at all.  

by the end of the half hour chanting-nam myoho renge kyo, i felt revived and regenerated, which is a good energy lift for me and a benefit of chanting and practicing this buddhism with the 12-milllion strong SGI.  Doing to the best of my ability, that day, without brute force, but by relaxing into it.  Relax, but not lax.

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