yesterday’s happiness

     i can change the past if i can think about it differently in the present. 


     I’m remembering a conversation.  I regret my part in it.  My regret has been a source of suffering.  I can never get back that opportunity, that particular opportunity to converse with the same people in the same circumstances.  BUT…  i can vow that in the future, with no mater whom i’m speaking i’ll be more respectful and thoughtful and less disruptive and abrasive.  Then i could see that regrettable situation as a great teacher and the beginning of a great reformation in my actions.


     With that solace in mind, the past changes from a source of suffering to a springboard of advancement.  Seeing the past as a springboard of inner growth is a source of a feeling of fulfilment.  In a way, one could say i’ve changed poison into medicine.


     In that way, i can change the past.


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