Three Meetings a Day

I once read that making friends adds fuel to world peace.  Strangers are people I haven’t yet met.  Potential friends are in that category.  If I make the acquaintance of a person, the natural reaction is to get to know the person and if, in that process, opportunities for encouragement arise, who would resist?  I try to encourage and comfort.  It’s a great part of building relationships that blossom into friendships.

It’s a source of personal power and happiness.  I’m strong enough to help someone else.   Wow.  That makes me feel powerful and helping someone else also brings with it, happiness.  That means I can make myself happier than before by being kind.  Even a dog knows whether it has been kicked or tripped over and though that doesn’t mean misunderstandings don’t arise, it does mean that everyone is touched by kindness.

Now where world peace opens up is in the realm of caring for another.  I wouldn’t want to fight with a friend.  That friend might  have opposing views but still we would try to remain friends because we like and respect each other.  The wider my circle of friends, the more we all have an interest in cementing the peace of our world, however large or small our particular world is.

In looking around the current world brought to me by BBC radio news I hear a great deal about fighting within communities.  I feel  very fortunate to be living in the US of A where communities are not easily broken apart.  I go to the grocery store without worrying about snipers.  I give a lot of thanks for that gift of peace.  There are other examples of the benefits of peace but taking walks, walking to shopping places, driving on roads that aren’t mined, simple things so dear to me are priceless and are, the news tells me, rare.

Anything I can do to spread the enjoyable benefits of peace seem a small price to pay especially when the price is as much payment for growing my inner resources as anything else I could possibly be doing.


  1. I’m glad to have met you, Donna. Our meeting eliminates another stranger in my world. World and community peace is only accomplished by people who believe. Your post is filled with wisdom.

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