Dormant patience in early December

Because time is without beginning, let us lead lives with the spirit that every day is New Year’s Day.  Every day can be as momentous as a New Year’s Day with the spirit of always moving forward from the present moment on toward improvement and growth.  When we do so, our lives are sure to overflow with the great, good fortune of happiness, even irrepressible joy.

Our own lives form a cluster of beings.  Our inner weaknesses are part of that cluster of blessings because we shine so brightly when we overcome our weaknesses and attain courage and hope, altruism and happiness.

Burdened with problems and sufferings, we could feel overwhelmed with despair.  Our own humanity can feel buried in unhappiness.  No matter how trying our circumstances, there is evidence that we will prevail.  There is the dynamism and excitement of cherry blossoms bursting out of dull wooden tree branches.  There is the freedom and purity of lotus flowers emerging from the muddy filth bottom of a silty pond.  There is the strength and energy of river bottom flint rock igniting fire.

These are all examples of ordinary miracles and the same exeuberant forces are at work within our human frames.  Beautiful and inspirational, reassuring and useful are we even in our darkest moments.  When conditions are right, the miraculous possibilities of happiness will dynamically blossom from within us and its energy will illuminate all with whom we come in contact.  We can be sure of this.  When we consider our own lives, we’ve seen it happen again and again.   And so it will always be.


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