Shift in my Chapters

Growth Is Inevitable (when you challenge family discord) is really all about the reader.   The family will be the last to change and its dynamics within it.  The first to change will be the reader.  Growth is inevitable  means that the one growing will be the one who makes herself or himself happy by reading and learning new ideas in the book.  This changed person will bring change into each of his or her relationships, and how the others respond remains to be seen.

But the happiness, the sense of personal power, the sense of personal freedom will be new attributes of the reader and the reader’s happiness and growth is the focus of the book.  Like a shadow following a body, the family will improve with the newness of the growth of the reader, but it might not ever be as one would have wanted it to be.  On the other hand, as one grows, one’s desires change.   Perhaps one is more satisfied with that which one finds in others whereas before growing, one expected more of others and less of oneself.

So the book progresses, new thought by new thought.

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