Puppeteers Frank Lombardo and I

A holiday high point always proves to be the Hubbard Hall community breakfast. Each year a certain country is chosen to be the subject of the festivities and its traditions are celebrated with food, story-telling, dances, songs and of course, thanks to Carol Serotta, a puppet performance.

This year’s puppeteers put on an LED torchlight-in-paper-stars parade and a lengthy creation myth from the Philipines. Bolts of undulating cloth represented both sea and sky, puppets with twig fingers were humans, there were animals of all sorts,including a two-children powered horse and I wish the performance had lasted longer.

The amount of imagination and creation of the figures and sets and stars must be considered prodigious.

My limited role as friday afternoons star-maker took me away from most of the work,but here are the pictures of chief-assistant Frank and I discussing the project on dress rehearsal day back in early December.

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