Thirty Frames

We stopped at the bank, we stopped at the pharmacy, we stopped for gas and an iced coffee and then we arced over to A.C. Moore’s by the Wilton Mall in Saratoga.

No more Holiday decorations, just a for sale sign on the Noel fake flower arrangements.

We did some shopping for a sprinkling of art items: art paper for George’s printer, and oil pastels for my portraits. The store has discontinued CrayPas brand so I bought a box of 36 colors and a box of 12 colors, with the objective of obtaining enough yellow sticks to last me until the other colors ran out.

Since Cray-Pas are now unavailable there, I bought Pro Art brand of 12 and what the clerk described as an “unknown quantity” brand named Nicole.

Then, with the greatest of ease, the AGD (assistant general director) brought out from the stock room a sealed cardboard box which we requested she open. The frames were just what I had ordered over the phone once I found out that they were on sale.

We viewed one of them. Narrow black frame, light weight, protective acrylic covering, poster size: 22 3/8″ x 34″. Six frames to each cardboard box. The AGD loaded 5 boxes into a cart, I paid with a card and a pin number, rolled the packages out to the Baby Blue’s trunk, and George stacked them.

That will be my early March-mid April Historical Court House solo show – thirty 22″ x 30″ images in the vast expanse of courthouse walls.

PLUS, I hope to have a revised pleasure-to-handle stock of my Growth Is Inevitable book. I hope all my readers will attend. I’ll keep you posted.

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