New Year’s Day Plus One

If I’m circling around the base of the mountain, I’ll not make it to the summit unless i start climbing. However, one has to circle around the mountain to find the right angle to use for my first motivator. Maybe I just want to photograph the mountain and i have no reason to climb it,then i’d certainly spend days and maybe a whole life walking around the base.

But I want to take on challenges. I’ve got to start climbing. I want galleries to represent my work, giving outlets to my images. I want to illustrate and write and enjoy remuneration for these ventures. I want to explore realizing my ambitions, and I want to enjoy the activities my own ambitions inspire.

If I can succeed, I’d be proof of my faith in my Buddhist practice and ascending to the summit of the mountain of my challenges would be a story i could relate to help others become as happy as i usually am, and hopefully happier by following these hope-filled teachings of peace, culture, education, the sanctity of life that I want so much to mainstream into our world.

My Buddhist practice wants to help me find joy in both life and death and that’s my toughest challenge of the moment. My mother died Oct. 11,2014 and i’ve been heavy-hearted since then. I just invented a philosphical thought that might be able to help me.

We valued different things and so my ambition is that i help her to a good life in her next life through prayer. May she still have all the exotic adventure she craves and also know the happiness that human connections and intimacy brings.

So in her next life I want to inspire her to do just that with my book, Growth Is Inevitable, my art works and my life. Yeah, that’s my ambition.

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