inquiring for suggestions to polish this eventual press release

I attended Woodstock Music Festival.  Later that year I stopped at the West Coast free Rolling Stones Altamont Concert where the Hell’s Angels killed one of their members in front of the stage while holding the Rolling Stones semi-hostage on stage.

The sudden reversal of festival gestalt seemed to mirror the extreme ups and downs of my own experiences during the next twenty or so years while I formed the foundation for the rest of my life.

It wasn’t until 1992 that I settled down to focus on art and sinking roots into a community.

Now, nearly twenty-five years later, I’m beginning to consciously want to make a name for myself and be known as an artist and a writer of illustrated emotion/idea packed books, beyond my usual ten-mile car-driving radius.

The Salem Historic Court House Show is a sort of launching site.  The collection spans five years of different projects including my most modern one, poster-like and graphic done without brushes.


These most recents are based on illustrations designed for my book Growth Is Inevitable.  Several of the manuscript readers asked to see the illustrations as unadulterated art rather than integrated with text designs, so I obliged them and the results are ten 22” x 30” en tries in this show.


I also plan to refashion the book into a pleasureable-to-hold volume with words on one side and images on the other to preserve the format most favored in the experimental version.

You could help me achieve my blog-goal of 500 readers by March 6, 2015, the opening of the exhibit and 750 readers by its end.

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