discussion on “… merit beyond measure.”

Overview from Mount Sumeru


me:  George it says, “The Lotus Sutra of the Correct Law says that, if one hears thhis sutra and proclaims and embraces its title, one will enjoy merit beyond  measure.”  Do you believe that?


geo:  it sounds like a rah rah to me.  All religions have to say things like that to get the people to believe.


me:  But george, i’m not talking about all religions.  I’m talking about Nichiren Daishonin.  He believed that.  And he believed that he could lead all people to enlightenment.  He believed that about me.  But I don’t believe that I’m enjoying merit beyond measure.  That’s why it says that it is the most difficult teaching to believe.


geo:  beyond measure?  Isn’t that going a little far?


me:  Then at the bottom he says, “…indicates that the good fortune one receives from simply chanting the daimoku is beyond measure.”  That’s easier to believe because it’s general.  But about me in particular.  If I’m enjoying merit beyond measure, why am I not enjoying it.  Why don’t I feel enjoyment about it?  Is that my job?  Is that my job, to enjoy?


me:  My mother died and I’m sad.  I’m not enjoying it.  But my two brothers are unaffected.  They’re not mourning.  They’re enjoying more than I am.  OH, but maybe not to Nichiren.  Maybe he would think that i’m more meritorious because I care that she died, and they don’t seem to.

geo:  Oh, now i see it.  He meant it literally.  You’re merit is beyond measure.  You can’t put a price tag on it.  It can’tbe soldl for money.  You can’t insure it.  It has no resale value.  In that sense, you enjoy merit beyond measure.

Cory:  It’s like your eyes.  You enjoy seeing.  You enjoy eyesight,but you don’t go around enjoying it.”

me::  Oh, Nichiren goes around talking about the blessings of sight. How such a thing as enlightenment is of value beyond a blind person suddenly acquiring eyesight and seeing her parents for the first time. If we really knew what’s what we would go around enjoying our vision and our merits.  And that;s why we keep chanting, no doubt.  And oh for the conviction and confidence of Nichiren Daishonin.  It’s because of good friends like you that I see more clearly.  Thank you.

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