see if you think my press release is sufficiently polished, please.

I attended Woodstock Music Festival.  Later that year I stopped at the West Coast free Rolling Stones Altamont Concert where the Hell’s Angels killed one of their members in front of the stage while holding the Rolling Stones semi-hostage on stage.

The sudden reversal of festival gestalt seemed to mirror the extreme ups and downs of my own experiences during the next twenty or so years while I formed the foundation for the rest of my life.


It wasn’t until 1992 that I settled down to focus on art and sinking roots into a community.

Now, nearly twenty-five years later, I’m beginning to consciously want to make a name for myself beyond my usual ten-mile car-driving radius. I’d like to be known as an artist and illustrator/ writer of  emotion/idea packed books.


Today is Dec. 30, 2014 and George Forss and I have just picked up my thirty frames for my thirty 22” x 30” pieces which will comprise the show.


George will photograph all the images and my blog will create a “shop” page where all my pictured art will be collected and available for viewing and purchasing and enticing you to the show to see the originals.


Kindly bear with me while my blog gradually gets to where it’s going.

The Salem Historic Court House Show is a sort of launching site.  The collection spans five years of projects, including my most modern one, poster-like and graphic done without brushes.


Many of my most recent forays are based on images created for my book Growth Is Inevitable.

Many who saw the book in its initial stages expressed a desire to see the images devoid of words that encircled them and I gladly obliged with these wholly new works as the result.


I hope you have as much fun viewing them as I do, emerging as they do, from one medium to another.


You could help me achieve my goals, if you please would.  If you could keep me in mind by daily reading my blog,I’d achieve my goal of 500 readers by my show’s opening and 750 by its closing.

I’m very excited about my thlrty images filling the capacious wall of the Courthouse.  The paintings were not executed with the express purpose of being fillers and this makes me proud of the everyone-an-individual-statement of each.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone I can at the show, so please feel personally invited and welcomed.

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