Thoughts on Friendship – blogforJan.13,2015

Thoughts on Friendship


Let’s realize how important kindness remains, how compassion sticks in memory, how encouragement breathes hope and courage into a heart. Thinking of these points can start a journey of friendship that you might not have had before.


Virtue is its own reward because it pays off in good feelings about yourself and good feelings about you from others.


More time than you would like to see pass may pass before you see the mutuality of, the reciprocity of, the give and take of your virtuous efforts.  Maybe you need more practice until you come across as sincere, genuine and in possession of those noble traits that wiin friends.  Just keep at it.


In January of 1975, the then Sec. of State of the USA Henry Kissinger met the president, Daisaku Ikeda, of an already large and growing lay Buddhist organization.


Kissinger asked Ikeda about his affiliations. This was in the middle of the Cold  War.  First, Ikeda explained his affiliations with a list of not-affiliated-withs and then Ikeda summed up the Buddhist invitation to friendship for all saying, “We are a force for peace and we ally ourselves wiih humankind.


Then, even though Ikeda knew first hand the tiring travels separating necessary destinations, Ikeda pledged his own help to Kissinger saying, ”If necessary, I am willing to go wherever I may be of help.”


Ikeda also encouraged Kissinger with understanding words about the difficulties of Kissinger’s job as well as assuring Kissinger of his sympathy with the aim of Kissinger’s work: peace.

Because of his presentation of himself and his ideas through the medium of the voice, Ikeda won and earned and enjoyed many more meetings with Kissinger.

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