Art exhibit on Saturday at Southern Vermont Arts Center

There we are, George and I with Katrin Waite the artist standing proudly in the middle.  On the walls are her creations. I like them.  And I like then today as i think about having seen them yesterday.  I like the title of her exhibit’s collection: The Illusion of Simplicity.  The only thing is that up close the paintings have so much texture and pattern that they  really don’t look simple.  They look textured  and patterned.  The paint is layer upon layer, twenty layers on one, for example. 

I’m very happy to count  Katrin AND HER HUSBAND/PARTNER BOB as among the  friends that I and George enjoy hanging out with.  And I’m happy we made it to her opening.  We got to ride on that beautiful sunny picture-perfect sky-day with Val Reagan who is seeking a second term as mayor.  please, if she asks you, allow her to run by signing her petition.DSCN0713

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