hell or hunger?

DHW  A garment snatching demoness001This is a garment-snatching demoness.  If I’m naked and cold, she’s just the one to snatch out of my hands the clothing i’ve just found.

Would that activity be best described as the world of hell?  The world of hunger?    Hell is a life state of total misery, devoid even of desire, so sure is one that all is hopeless. Hunger is a world of insatiable wants. Like greed, hunger can not be satisfied. Most often, in the Buddhist texts, Hunger is portrayed as a reallm of the starving.  Every time a skeletal hand takes hold of food, the sunken eyes witness fire consuming the morsels that could have nourished the hungry being.  But in the world of hunger, one can’t have what one craves.

So,the garment-snatching demoness is a denizen of the world of hunger, an emblem of the horror of greed and voracious wants.

I erred.  I thought I was uploading a photo of a woman giving directions to a stranger, an altruistic activity that elevates one’s state of being up, certainly, from the Three Evil Paths.  I believe they’re considered evil because neither hell nor hunger nor animality have humanity’s self-awareness, in which one has the capacity to alter one’s circumstances.

Instead, I picked an image of animality, in which one ‘s  instincts govern one.  One fawns before the stronger and lords it over the weaker.

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