DHW Giving directions to a stranger001this is the file whose original eludes all searches. I’ve looked through styrofoam boxes, cardboard boxes, file folders, book shelves, piles of papers, between book pages.  And yet, last week I entered the jpeg file in an on-line juried art show.  George has looked forit in his gallery.  This painting belongs tothe category of “adorable adoables”.  The word adoables comes from a recent saying such as the current, “works for me.”

The less recent saying was, “that’s doable.”  or “that’s do-able”.  I didable 100plus of these and I have fifty or so at my place.  The companion box with the other fifty is missing.

What if I get juried in?  Just now I copied the pen and ink drawing and if it gets juried in, I’ll watercolor it.  I think that’s more kosher than anything else I can think of doing.  If I get around to it, I’ll watercolor it tonight and post it later.

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