g-forss-donna-twice-bedlam-field-2-stitch-2014-small-file.jpgI was born to a good-      natured, level headed dad  and a nomadic, mercurial mom.  They split up early in my childhood and my mother immediately remarried. As a result of  that, not only did i see  much of the world, but also much of its seamy side.

 Thanks to my upbringing, I can spot an unhappy child with just a glance, read people’s character with just a few clues, and consider myself lucky to have had so many opportunities to overcome such severe hardships without hardening my heart.

I became serious about my artwork in 1992 when i moved to this little village with big-city citizens living here.  That was also the year I joined forces with my partner, husband-like talent of a genius, George forss, famous photographer.

Almost immediately, a NYC gallery picked up my art work, and toured it around the northeast and southeast of the USA, as well as in New York City.  I’ve been showing at various venues since then, because, people say, my work is highly recognizable and highly original.  I have my own style.

I’ve been very happy these last twenty years.  Every year gets better than the preceeding year because I continue to develop my humanity, via the sure-fire method and melody of the Nichiren Buddhist practice that introduced me to the never-harden-your-heart-and-become-a-victor-in-life concept.


    • hi maria, i’m glad to have seen you and jon and rod and tina and richard today. if you’d care to let your readers know that my blog gains new entries about once a week and that i’m famished for direction-suggesting input on my page growth is inevitable, i’d be very appreciative.

  1. Donna-just read your bio-no wonder I was attracted to your blog,you are a very interesting person! Looking forward to more……

  2. Donna-I keep reading your bio,over and over:never harden your heart. I am having such a difficult time with anger and disappointment. Your words and sentiments are echoing in my head and heart. Thank you. Isn’t it comforting to stumble upon something,or someone that helps you heal when you so desperately need it!
    Thanks for your reply!

      • Thanks for the web link-just what I needed! Found a quote that was Right On to my state of being. Much appreciated! I too, tried to send you a personal email-couldn’t do it. Hmmm……

        Much joy to you!

        Ann-from all the way out in Washington State!

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