More Publicity for George Forss’ kickstartere project

go to and  search for george forss and click on ...Magical Photographs...

go to and search for george forss and click on …Magical Photographs…

If you know about kickstarter, you know that now is the period in which george has to raise funds. He must successfully raise $10.000. to publish his proposed book, Best Magical Photographs of My Life 1987-2015, by June 15th,2015,or he gets zip.

I’m working with him because the book is 2/3 about me- his photogenic muse and her (my) art.

Please look into it and thanks for thinking of george and donna.

Attempting to show Forss kickstarter project flyer

G Forss Donna's flier about our Kickstarter (2)

Flyer for George’s kickstarter project

personalize flier

march voting

george on our way to voting

george on our way to voting

george driving Baby Blue on the way to the voting booth. I’m sitting next to him capturing the auspicious moment of civic duty fulfillment.

voting day

wisdom and compassion

wisdom and compassion

today, march 18, 2015 if village voting day. Like the image, compassion and wisdom are requirments for casting a well-thought out ballot.

Former Pres. Bill Clinton affirms that his presidential library museum makes certain that all viewers inescapably believe that whom one votes for does make a difference. I believe in voting.

The Salem Courthouse Exhibit

Successful. A steady stream of interested people. Welcomed and feeling happy. Some sales. Explanations. Open daily Mon-Fri.9-5.

I explained how all the ten most recent works with archival prismacolor felt-tipped pens are a result of requests for the images from my book, Growth Is Inevitable to be reworked without the text. I post an example.

Show is up through March 24th. Contact me if you’d like me to accompany you when you can go. We’ll work something out. donna

page from Growth Is Inevitable

page from Growth Is Inevitable

reworked 30" x 22" Wisdom and Compassion        available at exhibit at Salem Court House  $120  framed

reworked 30″ x 22″ Wisdom and Compassion available at exhibit at Salem Court House $120 framed

Invitation to all to reception party to celebrate beginning of my solo show at Salem Court

he looks pushable  to me

he looks pushable to me

sleeping hill series: after all danger is past

sleeping hill series: after all danger is past

Friday, March 6,2015, 5-7 PM reception with wine and cheese Salem Courthouse Community Center

Hope you can attend and bring friends to help enjoy the fun. Show is up until April 18, 2015.

Dream of Aliens in the Elevator

cheryl horning sculpturealien portrait ny barbara beckwith rec' geo. feb 2015

In my dream the rockefeller center bldg. spokesman came to see george and me and told us that – UNBELIEVABLY the aliens wanted to talk to me rather than good ol’ george, their chief champion.

Well, nobody quite knew what to make of it but i dutifully trotted after the aliens’ liasion-man to the elevators from whence the aliens would exeunt and speak to me. But when the elevator door glided open there were three Cheryl Horning sculptures on the elevator carpeting and they were not alive.

The man tried to shoo me into the elevator but I resisted and Mickey was there behind us, tagging along as additional troops, so the representative didn’t force me any more and I was safe, staring in horror at the misrepresentation in the elevator.

End of dream. Are Cheryl Horning sculptures like aliens? I can’t figure it out, but they are definitely unearthly and otherworldly. And thank goodness for Mickey. We should have been on our guard at any news that aliens would prefer to speak to me than to george who has been their best ally for years.

mythic creature with mythic thought

Winged creature Egyption luster ware ca 1000

mythic creature with mythic thought

This mythic creature stands as a good image for today’s difficult blog. It’s a complex creature of feathers, claws, circular body parts and an elephant trunk-snout.

My thought, too, is a swirl of the child-like fun of exploring one’s identity by building friendships, and the serious business of knowing oneself.

Long discussions which resolve in my telling my friend my insights into his or her positive or neutral character-make up always refreshes both of us participants. What’s refreshing unburdens the mind with honest-speaking,receiving back for one’s vulnerability positive words furthering one’s knowledge of self in the comments offered as a fitting tribute to the story teller.


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